Loadout Review

Last updated on June 4th, 2014

1. Cartoonish Animation
2. Free to play(F2P)
3. Hundreds of Guns to play from.
4. Great for recreational Gaming.


1. Similar to Team Fortress. (Can be positive or negative depending on how the user
wants new content or not).
2. Newbies lacks good weapon to start.
3. Ingame bulletes are purchasable giving advantage to those who buy them.
4. Spawning

Loadout is a third person shooter by Edge of Reality.The game brings the complex mix of
cartoonish characters with run and gun gameplay style. No need to hide. Even though there are possible way to camp but that doesn’t really make the game more tactical.

There are 4 game modes to choose with. Domination, Blitz, Jackhammer and Extraction.
Domination revolves around capturing three flag points scattered around the whole map at fixed points. The team to jack up the winning points faster wins. The game mode is more maneuverability than becoming a killing machine.

Blitz can be seen as a narrower version of Domination but here the point to be captured is live for both team at the same time. So, this brings much chaos than domination. Blitz is purely a team game mode , when compared to domination.

Jackhammer is like capture the flag in Team Fortress. Teams have to capture jackhammer and return it back to their respective base. At the same time, they have to make sure their jackhammer stays at their base. This is the best mode I have played, filled with all the blasts and tactics at the same time. Your team can either attack at full strength or defend after gaining few points more than the opposition.

The last but not the least is Extraction, which is a mix of defending and attacking. One member of the team is assigned as extractor and the other members are free to either defend their own extractor or kill the opposite team extractor. This game can also be a single man show, if not properly co-ordinated.

The game graphics is good, but nothing extraordinary. Anyway, the cartoonish environment is more welcome than a scene out of WW2.

The game is not beginner friendly, as players are not equipped with enough bullets (in game currency) to build weapons. Higher level players can bring chaos to the newbies and can bring discomfort and rage in the heart of the player. Nevertheless, I would advise the newbie to go play simple out with a standard rifle. With high accuracy and good maneuverability one can bring down a high level player easily.

This game stands out because of it’s weapon crafting capabilities. Players can choose weapons like Rifle, Beam,Rocket and Shotgun. There are hundreds of different types of parts to choose from and and then you can choose different payloads that reflect on the behavior of the gun.

Each Loadout carry 2 weapons, so keep experimenting or read tutorials to find out the best weapons for all the game modes available in Loadout.

Verdict: Worth the time, not worth to invest money ingame. Yields high returns if played 100+ Hours.

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