Lenovo Restricted Their Community Forum After A Messy Android O Update

Lenovo has started rolling out Android O to several devices (which includes the Moto Z Play and the K8 Note). You can check out the official list of devices planned to receive an upgrade on Lenovo’s official Android update roadmap page.

However, the upgrade experience to Android Oreo (Android 8.0) does not seem to be a smooth ride for many.

You can observe a lot of posts on forums.lenovo.com where users are asking for immediate help for several annoying problems after the upgrade process. Also, there’s a heated up discussion going on here (Reddit).

Instead of handling the forum patiently, the Administrators have decided to prevent the users from creating a topic in the first place. Seriously, Lenovo?

Do they look happy?

Most of the users (especially the Redditors in this thread) aren’t impressed by Lenovo’s approach of mitigating the current wave of issues and probably they won’t be getting a Lenovo (or Moto) smartphone next time.

Good job, Lenovo!

Basically, here’s what Lenovo is doing now: “At the first sign of trouble, run to the bunker, close it and let the world burn.” – as said by a fellow Redditor.

An admin finally had a say while users complained about the strict moderation in the forums (which still isn’t promising):

lenovo forum

You might want to check this forum thread here.

Common Issues Encountered

  • Overheating Issues
  • Abnormal Battery Discharge

And, there’s a bunch of performance issues mentioned by the users in the forum as well.

So, if you’ve received an update, I wouldn’t recommend you to update it yet.

It’s been a month already since the Android updates have started rolling, and there still isn’t a reliable fix for the problems encountered.

Have you received the Android O update? If yes, did you notice a nasty bug after the upgrade? Let me know about it in the comments below.

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