Lee Tuckerman: A chat with The GamerZone Admin

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Lee Tuckerman, a hardware engineer from Australia, is a hardcore gaming freak who knows what it means to be a true gamer. Maintaining a rigorous schedule he still manages some time for gaming. He also heads a large gaming group called ‘The GamerZone’ on Facebook. Recently, Tech Legends had a small chat with him. Here is a part of the interesting conversation:

Lee Tuckerman

What does gaming mean to you?
From a young age, games and puzzles have fascinated me. At present, I am 29. Gaming really began with card games and board games, me and my friends used to even build our own, make them so hard that our other friends could not even win, or have great troubles finding out the games secrets. Now I see gaming as a broad social study, reaching around the globe, along with our communications and the internet. When I see others enjoying games, the first thing I ask myself is, “Why are they so happy? What made them happy?” I see this as my “puzzle”. So, I strive to understand it and people better. I see games becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, being used in schools to help teach kids subjects ranging from History to Maths! I’m a gaming freak, so I know exactly why we are waiting for the AGR (Augmented Gaming Reality) to come out in forms such as “Google Glass” and other similar prototypes. But that’s a story for another day.

You must be busy in your current work? How do you manage your time to play games?
[Puffs]…At the moment, I work mostly by myself, modifying/building PC’s. When I work it’s normally under contract and not having very strict hours. Sometimes, I even work from home. I always find at least a few hours a week to play games.

Can you tell us about your gaming rig?
[Gasps]…It’s big, loud, overpriced, and likes to play in the water.

Based on GPU performance whom would you choose: Nvidia or AMD?
Well with new tech and cards out every 6 months, I find it easy to go with a brand you find building more solid “chips” which last longer. So, in that case I trust AMD with most of my setups.


Compared to the E3 2012 reveal, Ubisoft downgraded the graphics of Watch_Dogs. What’s your comment regarding this?
[Chuckles]…Well, I think most people are looking at this the wrong way around. On promotional events (in fact I have been to a few) they almost never show what it will be like off the shelf, so you will pre order and buy their products, and as a company, wouldn’t you do the same thing to sell your product as fast as you can? And trust me those, “slots”/stands don’t come cheap!
Being the game is very “modifiable”: you will see lots of new texture packs and other mods coming out soon.

Aiden neutralizing an enemy vehicle by hacking a steam pipe
Watch_Dogs (Graphics)

 How would you define India in terms of gaming?
[Puffs]…India as a gaming community is massive. Some people forget how big India is, and that the contribution it makes is extensive (with its numbers alone). The only other country matched in potential is Brazil, and ironically enough, both have the 2 largest problems with pirating software/games.

Say what you will, India is a massive contender.
Up to what extent has the Australian Gaming Industry developed?
The Australian gaming scene is noticeable by its ability to produce new tech for gaming and research, despite having rather high piracy rates at most places, which does not seem to be falling.

You admin a gaming group on Facebook…?
I am the lead admin for a gaming group called “The GamerZone”. It is a group of 11,000 members, and growing strong every day. We are tightly managed and very open. We run the group with the notion that the members are the real owners, and we should be adapting the group to them, and letting it “breath”. It all works quite nice.


What’s your favorite game? Tell us something about it…
[Sighs]…It’s too wide of a question, but right now I’m playing Spec-Ops: The line (again) and this game always gets me, not for its great build as a shooting, but the narrative as a whole. The way the levels are designed, works and gives you a feeling of a war torn “DUBAI” being caught in the middle of two warring factions. Since at the end of the games it gives important message of post-traumatic stress disorder, I think all gamers should experience this at least once.


What’s your most anticipated game at present?
Without any doubt, it’s Half Life-3![Excited]…

Half Life 2; Half Life 3 initial development has been confirmed
Half Life 2; Half Life 3 initial development has been confirmed

Your hobbies…
PC modding and building, being my job is also my hobby especially when the build is for me…[Chuckles] Apart from I.T, I ride motorbikes, sport bikes, etc. I try to get out every weekend on the bike, if the weather is nice.

What delicacies are you fond of generally?
Being an Aussie, I eat just about anything…[Chuckles]… but I like Thai food as well as Indian dishes.

I like Thai food as well as Indian dishes
I like Thai food as well as Indian dishes

Some facts about your education and your professional life….
[Gasps]…I left high school at 16, with a dream of finding my life goals early. For the first two years, I went from job to job, just having fun and seeing what I am good at. At 18, I decided to stick with I.T and attend university doing Computer Science with a strong focus on networking. I started my first real I.T job at 22, building servers and work-stations for a company called “Q-VID” who made security IP for lots of large companies and defense contracts.

What unique goals you have in your mind?
I have lots of projects running right now, some are private, and some are with other people. One project that I have been working on for some time is the “A.I” Chat-bot that I use for Facebook when I am AFK (Away From Keyboard). Other projects involve mostly web-development and server tricks/exploits, virtual management and a lot of networking nerd stuff![Excited]…

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