Krishna Kumar a.k.a R3dfru!t: A Pro-Gamer from EvoX

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Krishna Kumar a.ka. R3dfru!t, is a young pro-gamer from EvoX Gaming and has a lot of potential to become an asset in the Indian Gaming industry. Still a student, he effectively manages his time for studies as well as his semi-professional career. Recently, Tech Legends had an interesting conversation with him. Here is a part of it:

Krishna Kumar a.k.a R3dfru!t

Your history with EvoX?
After leaving FT5, one of the top teams in India, I joined EvoX in 2011. Since then I have been playing COD4 (Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare), with my role of using AK-47, for the team in many events.

What’s your best gaming event so far?
[Puffs]…It has to be BYOC (Summer), 2013. We played ourselves second spot that year. I got to play a major event with my team. It went pretty well.

What does pro-gaming mean to you?
[Gasps]…Pro-gaming to me means something that I might devote my time to by not regretting it. Some people call pro-gaming as a waste of time but for me it’s rather a very resourceful activity. There’s teamwork, communication, friendship and so much fun involved in it. I’ve been a pro-gamer for like 3-4 years and hence, I would like to say that pro-gaming has played a crucial role in my life.

Pro-gaming vs. Normal gaming: Which one do you like?
I like both but I would prefer pro-gaming because you have to invest a lot of time into it. Moreover, when you represent your team at events like BYOC…then the moments are really precious and you won’t get to experience them in normal gaming.

Do you have any source of inspiration in this field of pro-gaming?
[Sighs]…There are so many individuals who perform very well in international events…[A rare pause]…Among them I really like Odyx, I don’t remember his real name though…[Chuckles]. He is a member of Team Fnatic, which is a European e-Sports division.
I learnt a lot from him and I actually try to incorporate his gameplay into my COD4 matches that I play for my team. And to be frank, I’ve been really benefitted a lot by implementing his play-style.

What games do you generally play?
[Puffs]…Recently, I have been playing multiplayer games like League of Legends. I also used to head an EvoX LOL division.
Apart from that I play games from Assassins Creed, FIFA, GTA and Prince of Persia series.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within is my favorite game so far
Prince of Persia Warrior Within is my favorite game so far

I hope you were in the list of gamers who were excited to play Watch_Dogs. If you have already played the game already can you share some thoughts about it?
Watch_Dogs has impressed me a lot, the very fact of penetrating into restricted places using just a phone brings the chills as I wish to be an ethical hacker. The gameplay is quite similar to GTA but a very detailed story line and sheer joy of taking down enemies by hacking their cell phones is very big plus I’m waiting for GTA 5 for PC now![Excited]…

Watch_Dogs has impressed me a lot

Some of your hobbies?
[A rare pause]…I like to read novels, watch movies, gossip with friends. Apart from that I also like to write. Actually at some point of time, I also wanted to be an author.

What do you do now?
I am studying B.Tech (CSE) at Amity University. As of present, I am in my third year.

Your favorite food item?
[A rare pause]… [Puffs]…My Mom’s Rajma Chawal! That has to be… [Chuckles]…

My Mom’s Rajima Chawal is my favorite dish

What message would you like to give other Indian pro-gamers of your age?
[Puffs]…That’s a bit tricky. I would like to pass on the message that it’s difficult for a student to play professionally if he/she actually desires to. You really need to balance things properly especially your studies along with your semi- professional career like pro-gaming. But then also you don’t have that much of an opportunity as serious money is not involved in the sport. If you are really passionate about it then you have to work very hard like the one’s in Singapore, USA, etc.

What plans do you have for your future?
[A rare pause]…After the completion of my B.Tech, I want to pursue my Master’s in Game Development. Hence, I will have a bigger chance to become a famous game developer by revolutionizing the Indian Game industry. If I won’t be able to do my Master’s then I would like to become a software programmer in any of the top IT companies.

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