Jailbreaking making iOS vulnerable ???

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

According to various reports coming in , we get to know that Jailbreaking apps which the iOS user’s loved, makes their device vulnerable from attackers.

Marble Security reported that both Android & iOS platforms are equally unsafe , of which hackers can silently take advantage.


The company found that both platforms are equally exposed to phishing, spear-phishing, SMS-phishing and App-phishing and to SSL vulnerabilities, revealing that the hackers who managed to hold iOS devices for ransom in Australia first phished data from iPhones and iPads.

The main thing to ponder about :

Furthermore, iOS devices can be targeted through websites. “This attack strategy requires a user to visit a web page on their iPhone or iPad. If that user installs a hostile configuration profile, then the enterprise is at risk for intercepted traffic, fake app installation, sophisticated phishing, and APTs,” the report said.

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