It’s Time For Gamers To Fight Back: EA In Controversy Again

Last updated on August 13th, 2018

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Update 2: EA added most of the games he paid for to his new account along with 12 months of Origin Access Premier subscription (for free).

Update 1: EA has informed him that they have failed to get any details related to his account and have asked him to create a new Origin account for which they will add Battlefield games. It’s unclear whether they’ll add all the other games he had.

Update: EA Community Manager for the UK Replied To The Reddit Post 

We are well-aware about the microtransaction controversy that revolved around the game – Star Wars Battlefront II – and how the gamers reacted to it. Following the controversy, EA lost almost $3.1 billion of shareholder value.

Well, it’s not just about the money – it also cost them the respect & trust of the gamers worldwide. It was definitely a “chaotic month/year” for EA.

Even the biggest announcements from EA’s E3 2018 keynote to compensate for the mistake they did isn’t promising. Yes, you can call it “better” – because there’s no way to go forward without realizing the mistake they did and addressing it with “better decisions” this year. But, it’s still no good while FIFA still being an example of pay-to-win or precisely – “pay for a chance to win” – as Eurogamer’s deputy editor, Wesley, explained in an article.

Now, there’s something else that has come to the limelight on Reddit.

A Reddit user (FlyingOfficer) stated – “EA deleted my Origin account and EA help is totally ignoring me” while describing the whole situation in a post. And, now the Reddit post has received more than 66.6k upvotes (with re-shares to other subreddits) and increasing.

Here’s what happened:

The user tried to log in to his Origin account a few weeks back, but couldn’t. He contacted EA (EA Help) to help resolve the issue but he was told – “I told you that there is no such information about “***“.

When he inquired further, the EA Help customer executive said that an account deletion request was made – after which they do not have any information/data associated with his Origin account.

In addition to that, the case ID created by the user to resolve the issue was also deleted by EA.

It is definitely going to be a problem for EA.

Is it just about one Origin account?

Well, after the post went viral with thousands of upvotes, numerous users have shared similar stories of their experiences with EA and their Origin account.

To highlight an example, for another user (SigmaHyperion), it took 2 years (with a lawyer) to get EA to fix the issue with the associated origin account.

What do you think of this situation?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We’ll keep updating this story, stay tuned for the updates!

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  1. EA is the best company which tries to become the worst company on a daily basis!

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