Is Android Becoming The Next Windows ? ?

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

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It’s the same moment as it was in the past when Windows started dominating other OS. And at that time Microsoft had around 90% market share in the computing market in competition with Apple Inc. Well, thanks to Statista – which keeps track of all the statistics to study the latest trends in media and technology.

The IT giants like Apple and Microsoft became noticeable to the public after the 1990s. Since then Microsoft dominated the market until Apple brought up its iPhone in 2007, and the tables turned in the computing market. Microsoft’s dominant position was taken by Apple’s new computing devices. Hundreds of millions of new computing devices were sold out.

To be honest enough, not just by words but considering the stats Microsoft is one who’s struggling to stay in the current market shares. It’s not that Apple has risen completely over Microsoft to dominate as Mac OS and iOS still trudge Windows in terms of market share, but now there is someone new who managed to keep up with Microsoft and Apple. And that’s “Android”, whose parent company is Google Inc. If you look at the stats, Android has taken over Microsoft’s popularity. According to many sources Google’s open source OS will be installed on almost 60 percent of all connected devices shipped this year. The devices running on Android include PCs, smartphones, tablets, hybrid mobiles/ PC hybrids (Google’s Chrome book).

Infographic: Is Android Becoming the New Windows? | Statista

As you can see in the chart above, you may now assume Android has a huge potential which can dominate over the world. This forecast has been carried out by Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company. I want all the Android fans hold their breath until this comes out to be true in the later years. And those who love other platforms excluding Android, you should hope that your favorite platform doesn’t get crushed by such huge dominance.

Android powered devices figured over a billion which were shipped last year. And it is expected, that figure is going to be 2 billion plus this year. It’s also interesting to note that many iOS and Windows users are moving into Android, but the opposite thing is happening like one in a thousand. It’s really predictable that it’s going to dominate the later years till the experienced giants come up with some new strategy which fills the voids in modern technological world.

Let us know in the comments section below what you think about this forecast. Feel free to rebel ! 🙂

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