Based upon the previous rumor, September was the expected launch month for the all new iPhone 6 , but it seems October is to be the strained month of this year for this release. Though its first appearance  is in October, yet Apple would actually introduce this at an event on September 16.

Apple has been releasing its iPhone in September, but due to heavy demand, it would start its sales early in the week . It is also expected that  a new iPad Air 2 and a new iPad mini , iPhone Air is expected in the current year with the release of iWatch which will keep Apple fans busy.

However , it is not clarified that the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 is to be released or the rumored 5.5 inch phablet-sized model.But it is sure that October month would be full of surprises for Apple in its sales. No doubt Apple will come up with good results this year to keep up the race with Android smartphones.

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