“iOS 8”:Is this the Best of Apple yet?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Last week at the WWDC,Apple announced the iOS 8 along with many other innovations.Apple CEO Tim Cook proclaimed “iOS 8” to be the best announcement that the company has made till now.The new iOS comes with stunning key features and innovations such as :

  • Split-Screen for Multitasking-After its high acclaim,finally this feature has arrived for iOS.This feature enables the user to pull up two application windows at the same time,which simplifies the concept of “multitasking”.
  • The All New Apple Maps-After the criticize of this feature after the launch of iOS 6,Apple has made many subsequent changes in the app to make it more viable and glitch free.Though this was not announced at the WWDC,many sources suggest that the new Apple Maps will deliver a indoor site location in public places and a real time public transit guide.
  • iOS 8 Widgets-Sources have confirmed that the notification center will support widgets.


Other key features include WiFi Personal Hotspot,Family Sharing,HealthBook,inbuilt Group Chat and much more.

Amlan a.k.a 'Hackassin' is an avid tech and gaming enthusiast who is the Editor-in-Chief at Tech Legends. You would often find him hooked to his PC playing RPG games mostly. Apart from that, he likes to watch snakes in his dreams.


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