iOS 8 vs Android 4.4 vs Windows 8.1:”The Ultimate battle”

Last updated on June 30th, 2014

microsoft-apple-androidThis is the battle for the “Best OS” in the smartphone busniess.This battle has been on the market since the beginning of the smartphones.The oncoming iOS in early 2007 was a big challenge for the Android and Symbian OS’s,which were on flow at that time.So the Android and iOS battle went on until Nokia introduced Windows platform on mobiles and discontinued Symbian,which lost its mark due to these OS’s.Since the 2011,this battle has been ongoing.But this post is not about the history of the OS’s,but the best of the best OS’s.

iOS 8:

This OS plans to bring in new features and upgrades in an iPhone ,which makes it more simpler and easy to access.

New Key Features:

  • Split Screen Multitasking which allows the user to come in and out of an app easily.
  • The new iMessage which allows the users to send  video and audio along with their message.
  • Simpler Photo Library which creates a simpler environment in accessing the pics.
  • Smart Keyboard which predicts words in reference to the sentence the user writes.
  • Family Sharing:Keeps the Family Closer .
  • iCloud Drive :This feature allows the user to access information from any device.
  • The new Healthbook not only allows to keep one’s fitness and health records but also advises regarding it.
  • Siri Updgraded which  allows simplicity.
  • Upgraded Apple Maps.


  1. Fast and Simple.
  2. Good features.


  1. No new innovations.
  2. Not much upgradation from iOS 7.


Android 4.4 Kitkat:

The new version of Android plans to create a beautiful,Smart and immersive environment for the users.

New Key Features:

  • Faster Multitasking: Saves time without hitches.
  • Upgraded Google Maps allows faster and simple .
  • New Contact screens arranges the people in order of talking time.
  • Smart Caller ID:This feature matches an unknown call with the busniess and google maps and views the identity of the caller.
  • Easy connectivity with Google Drive.
  • The Newly upgraded Google Now.


  • New Innovations.
  • Faster and more convenient.


  • Takes too much system memory in the phone.
  • Not Secure and bit complex.


Windows 8.1:

According to Microsoft “The most user friendly OS ever”.The new Windows 8.1 provides various new innovations and upgrades

New Key Features:

  • Introduction to Cortana: The digital Voice Assistant allows easy to access.
  • New widgets and upgrades in Camera app.
  • Faster Browsing and Search by the Internet Explorer 11 and Bing .
  • Inbuilt Office apps allowing the user to create,edit and sharing.
  • Updated OneDrive(Sky Drive) automatically syncing and taking Backups.
  • New Notification Centre .


Highly Efficient and Simpler.

Highly Secure.


Lacks in number of Apps as compared to the others.


Now which is the BEST!!!…It depends on the phone and its features.Although Android beats iOS and Windows in number of Apps.However iOS and Windows beat Android in Security and Fast Processing.So, its a tough choice…like I said…”THE ULTIMATE BATTLE!!!”.





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