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iOS 8
iOS 8
iPhone 6 (Rumored)
iPhone 6 (Rumored) announced iOS 8 to be released on 2nd June this year.It will be released along with Mac OS X 10.10.Apple is planning to release iOS 8 on the World Wide Developers Conference to be held between June 2 to June 6.

iOS 8 is codenamed as “OKEMO” .It is said to have many new features like->

  • A whole new Notification Centre which makes accessing the Notifications simpler and more convenient.The Notification Centre is divided into two tabs,“Notification” and “Today” which simplifies the setup.
  • An independent iTunes Radio app is announced to be a part of iOS 8.Apple proclaims that Radio inclusion in iTunes will promote the music services across the countries.
  • Apple Maps and Indoor Navigation are likely to be updated,making them more precise and accurate.
  • The Photo Stream creates real photo backup service that syncs photos to iCloud all the time.
  • Apple Healthbook creates the way to gather information’s  regarding fitness and medical treatments.

iOS 8 also brings refinements to iMessage ,Game Centre,Car Play,etc.

The Company also mentioned that  iPhone 6 which will feature iOS 8 will be announced in the WWDC on June 2. Apple also revealed that the new iPhone will come in two different sizes,one a 5.5 inch” and other a 4.7 inch”.

No official announcement regarding the release of the smartphone has been confirmed yet!



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