iOS 8.3 Couldn’t stay away from the Bugs : Touch ID Bug

Hello readers, having no bug is a myth for any operating system. So does iOS 8.3 encounters with a bug too. But this time the bug leads to a security issue, by which most of the users are unhappy.

Recently iOS 8.3 update rolled out, which was nearly half Gigs of size. This release mostly increases performance, bug fixes and redesigned keyboard. As I said, every OS encounters with bug someday or the other. iOS 8.3 fixes the bugs which asked repeatedly for Wi-Fi credentials, bugs which disconnected the call while the mode is hands-free and some more fixes.

All those fixes made it look polished than ever before, but here came a serious bug into the scene which disabled the Touch ID within the app store. People annoyed with the bug, made various threads on Apple support, Reddit and so on. It was an interesting thing to see people going nuts about the bug and even said that – “Apple was know as always works, but not anymore” and some are suggesting other users to always wait for a week after a new release to prevent their devices to get installed with broken features.

touch ID

To overcome this problem, some experts tried to help the users. At first, they were said to try a factory reset and to check the settings where Touch ID gets enabled. But, unfortunately no trick did the magic as it was an issue with the iOS 8.3. Touch ID is an important feature for Apple product users and Apple should have taken care about it. The devices which have the Touch ID sensor are all affected by the same bug. Ranging from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 Plus.

As security is the main concern for iOS, the update of iOS 8.3.1 will be rolling out soon. However, there is no official word about it. Most of the people have a fear related to this bug, and that is they hope that the bug doesn’t exploit the vulnerability to a wider scale as Touch ID is the key to the Apple Pay. This can be a malicious opportunity for attackers.

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