Indian Drone delivers pizza

Last updated on June 4th, 2014


Drones were first developed by US after WWII for military purposes. Later with the development of new technologies and science, these unmanned aerial vehicles were made possible to be used for a wide range of applications like surveillance, remote sensing, motion capture,etc. Even Amazon had plans to deliver its products and services to customers. Then came Dominos revealing its unmanned copter, especially designed to deliver pizza to hungry customers. And the same approach was taken by Francesco Pizzeria, an Indian pizza restaurant based in Mumbai, recently.


According to Francesco’s chief executive Mikhel Rajani, “The delivery system now involves motorcycles, fuel costs, and salary for the delivery boys often missing deadlines to deliver. Delivery using drones will not only be economic but also can be eco-friendly”. Reducing a 30 mins pizza delivery time span to only 20 mins, this is an economic as well as a strategical marketing approach by Francesco. But the company has plans to make it commercial within four years. [socialpoll id=”2202611″]

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