How to keep your Android device lag free ?

When the phones weren’t smart enough, they were fast. But as they made their way to become the smartphones in today’s world, simply using it without proper care won’t help to keep your devices run fast. As the modern smartphones specially thrive hard to improve the users experience, the operations become more complex in the programming side to deliver the simplest yet best experience to the user.

Well, the programming part can’t be changed because the experts always try to make it as efficient as possible. So, we the users should know about certain things which will help keep our android devices run faster without encountering any lags.

As you read on, you may consider them as basic things which you already know, but never thought about them to be so important and ignored it. If you are already following the points given below, then you are a genius in taking care of your Android device! But don’t forget to share this article to your friends, who are in need of the same.

Managing the RAM

What does “RAM” stand for ? It’s simply – Random Access Memory. It is basically a place where the data items or processes are stored for quick retrieval. This is helpful when an application is kept aside ( not closed ) and you are in need of doing something else. It can be also referred as a temporary storage place which facilitates multi-tasking.

This awesome creating needs a good care always. If your android device is low on RAM, then you are most likely to encounter lags on your device. But that doesn’t mean that you should keep it clean. Because cleaning it unnecessarily can slow down your device. Don’t believe ? Check out here how cleaning RAM unnecessarily harms your device.

You can easily manage your RAM by testing its limit (i.e when your device lags). If your device doesn’t lag at all, then you do not need to manage the RAM. But whenever you observe a lag on your device, do not reboot your phone. Rebooting will only solve the problem for a while, and you will again observe that your device lags after sometime. So, when you feel that your device lags, traverse your way to the running processes list (Settings -> Apps -> Running processes).

There you will find the status of the RAM, showing how much of it is free or used up. Now, look for the processes or apps which use the maximum memory. Temporarily stop the process manually or consider uninstalling it, if you can live without it.

 The one who drains your battery faster, may help          you out in providing a smoother Gaming

Normally, Android gamers want their device lag free while playing the game. Well, now the task killers come useful. You can use a phone booster or specifically game booster, which clears all the processes and gives enough memory for the game to work without lag.

Note : Use of task-killers is only encouraged before playing a game which normally lags. If the game works smooth all the time, you don’t need a companion on your device to drain your battery more faster while you play the game.

Are you a developer ?

It’s a good question to ask a user, but don’t you think you are one of them ? Yes ! Ofcourse you are ! You don’t need any programming skills to become an Android developer. Just tap 7 times on the build number inside the about phone options under the settings. You will observe that your Android device just informed you that you are a developer now. Though that’s funny, but that magic developer option will help you make your device faster.

Now, go to the Developer options and scroll down till you find three options as follows :

1. Windows animation scale

2. Transition animation scale

3. Animator duration scale

By default, these are set to be at 1x. You can set it at .5x to make your device appear faster to work.

Is your device running on Android KitKat ?

Well, you are just clicks away making your device faster. If you are lucky enough with the right brand, you can definitely make your KitKat device work as faster as Android Lollipop. Check out here how to boost your KitKat device to work like it’s running with Lollipop’s intelligent process management ability.

Keep your Android up-to-date

Whenever you get notified of new software updates, do not ignore them. Always, make sure you installed them, the updates come along with improvements in performance and bug fixes which can alternatively make your android lag free.

Clean up your Homescreen

Just like you read,” how to increase your computer’s lifespan ?” included cleaning up Windows homescreen to help increase the start up time. It’s the similar case here. Keep your homescreen clean by removing all the icons not needed for quick access. It should count to a maximum of 4 icons if your phone is really slow.

Turn Off Auto Sync Feature

When you turn ON the Auto Sync, the apps run in the background and regularly gets updated with notifications and real time activities. If you turn OFF the Auto Sync feature, then apps will not run in the background nor show you notifications regularly.

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