How is System Mechanic helpful ?

Hello readers, in this article you are going to know about the advantages of having System Mechanic or LiveBoost technology in particular.

System Mechanic is indeed a great product from iolo technologies. It has got two versions for users. First is the basic version which also includes LiveBoost feature. And the other is a professional version which acts as a complete real system mechanic, which includes numerous features along with Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware engine.

The software was reviewed recently. Also, I currently used it. A bit late though after I was equipped with a new system, but the LiveBoost feature worked even more beautifully than I tested it on a low-specification system because a System Mechanic should be able to revitalize every system irrespective of its specifications.

In this article we will discuss the LiveBoost performance including the advantages of System Mechanic on the low-end as well as a high-end systems.

Low-End ( Dual-Core, 2 GB RAM ) [ Desktop PC ]

Before installing System Mechanic the system encountered the following problems :

1. Blue Screen Error
2. Extremely slow start-up time
3. Softwares were always tagged with (Not Responding) frequently. Even it is a lite version.
4. Games which included Counter-Strike 1.8, Hitman Blood Money encountered frequent crashes.
5. Contained Unnecessary Start-up items.
6. Memory was not de-fragmented during boot time which is usually a good practice.
7. Windows shuts down after a long time.
8. Ace Utilities was purchased previously when the OS architecture was x86. But it didn’t work after installing Windows 7 x64 bit. Not worthy of the price I paid.

After Installing System Mechanic Professional v14.0.1.52

The scenario changed after ANALYZING and REPAIRING using System Mechanic Professional.

1. Blue Screen Error was never encountered after installation till date.
2. Start-up time was fast enough for an Intel Dual-Core processor 1st Generation powered system.
3. Only software’s like Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop were sometime tagged with (Not Responding).
4. The Counter-Strike 1.8 game worked better without crashes. However, Hitman Blood Money still encountered crashes.
5. Unnecessary start-up items were removed without the need of the users knowledge about the programs.
It just asked the user whether to remove the unnecessary start-up items and when the user allows the process to continue it intelligently removes the unnecessary items.
6. Memory de-fragmentation occurred during the boot-time.
7. Windows shutting down process was faster. ( Visible Difference )
8. The same System Mechanic Professional KEY and file works for both x86 and x64 bit architecture OS.

Verdict on Low-End System

It improved the performance and gave the user what was expected from the system.

High-End ( i7 Processor, 8 GB RAM ) [ Laptop ]

Well, this system was new so there was no problem encountered before installation if System Mechanic.
But the LiveBoost feature of System Mechanic took control of the whole system’s performance.
The system included i7 processor with 4 available core units with a maximum frequency of 2.40 GHz. After installing System Mechanic, the system seemed a bit slow when opening simultaneously more programs.

After that I checked the LiveBoost program. It said that it is running on LiveBoost Endurance mode which meant to maximize the battery life. So, it made the CPU frequency 0.80 GHz. Therefore the programs were working a bit slow than expected. I gave a thought does it really matter ? ?

LiveBoost system mechanic
LiveBoost in-action

So, I switched the mode to Ultra Gaming which tuned the frequency to 2.40 GHz. After which the programs worked at blazing fast speed as expected from an i7 processor. But then I noticed that the battery was draining too fast. So, I again changed the mode to Endurance to see what happens. After 2-3 mins it was observed that the battery remaining 15% doubled up to 30%. That was a real treat worth buying System Mechanic for anyone.

system mechanic
So, the LiveBoost feature made a huge difference to force me use System Mechanic. I hope it also works for your PC which needs care.

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