How Android Pay is different from Apple Pay ?

In this article you are going to know how Android Pay is different than Apple Pay. Google executive announced the Android Pay at the Mobile World Congress but there is more light to be put on it by the company to the public.

Well, let us first know what Apple Pay is?

Apple Pay

apple pay

Apple Pay is a product which helps to forget the days when you were searching for the right card to make the payment. You can use this only on the latest iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Other devices include the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and the Apple Watch.


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How it Works?

To successfully support the product one needs NFC ( Near Field Communication ) on his/her device. Well, every physical store obviously won’t have NFC unless the whole of the world becomes as digitalized as America, Japan and similar technologically advanced countries.

Its real easy to get started using it. Apple devices have a passbook feature which keeps your tickets, coupons and more to make it real quick to use it whenever needed. After Apple Pay was launched, the Passbook feature got equipped with the option to store debit cards and credit cards from iTunes account by entering the necessary security code.

If you don’t have your card synced with the iTunes account you directly add the payment card by just tapping on a “+” sign to open iSight camera which visually captures your card and makes it the default payment card.

How Secure is it ? ?

apple pay

Well, when it comes to Apple Inc products, security always remains beautiful. Here Apple Pay doesn’t store any of your transactions on its server. Rather, the transaction details get stored to your device on specially encrypted chip. So, you can forget everything while paying online, just get what you want without worrying about your security.

Now to understand the differences between Apple Pay and Android Pay let us know about the Android Pay.

What is Android Pay ?

Android Pay is an API (Application Program Interface). To define it completely you need to understand that it is not a product which replaces the Google Wallet. It will be integrated within the Google Wallet rather than separately launching as a Product. It can also be called as an API Layer system in Android which will control the in-app and in-store payments.

And Google aims to make it a successful platform, which it also hopes to get integrated with Samsung Pay in the future to expand its reach.

It also uses similar method of NFC like the Apple Pay uses. However, it will also integrate bio-metric system soon.

How is Android Pay different from Apple Pay ? 

Well, as I already mentioned above that Android Pay is an API not a product where as Apple Pay is a product solely for Apple devices (few listed). Android Pay stands against it as a platform which will power all the Android smartphones. 

To compare the technologies and working these are almost the same having some in-born trademark differences in the way of security and availability. 

Apple Pay supports a large number of stores, with a bit of drawbacks in the list of supported devices. Both have the same purpose and objective to complete but on a different tracks. Android Pay lacks the iSight feature which is expected to come with a new name. So, it will be unfair to compare the two systems. However, Apple can take credits for developing the Apple Pay product first by which now Android Pay came to the scene.

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