Here is How Cortana Works on Windows 10

Well, some of you have got the latest upgrade of Windows and some of you haven’t, but let me tell you it’s worth waiting for, as the most customized and personal assistant “CORTANA” is a state of the art AI. It still needs a little finishing touch and actually that’s a good thing. The final version of the Cortana is yet to come and it is clear that the final build will be beyond expectations. That’s what Microsoft wants to prove and let’s check for our-self how advanced the beautiful assistant is? So, here is a glance:

Meet the optimized Cortana
What happens when you ask “who are you?” to Cortana?

Who are you?

Well, she replies she’s your Personal assistant. Really?? Let’s see…
1. The UI:
Well, those who were on the Windows Insider Program will not see any big difference in the current interface of Cortana on Windows 10 but, at least it is much stable than the Preview Build.

Hello Cortana.

2. Cortana, can you sing me a song?
Now, Cortana can even cheer you with her singing skills. This was the song she sung for me: “On top pf spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball, when someone sneezed.”

Cortana, can you sing me a song?

3.  Cortana, tell me a joke?
If singing skill of Cortana doesn’t delight you, she can crack jokes for you, if you wish. Here’s one-“Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food but no atmosphere.”  😛 

Tell me a joke.

4. Cortana, can you take a note?
Unfortunately, Cortana regrets as for now she can’t take notes for you. But not for long, because she further adds “Check back again after future updates”


Can you take a note?

5. Cortana, do you love me?
Diplomatic answer isn’t it?-“I’ll need quite few upgrades before I can give you a heartfelt answer.”

Do you love me?

6. Cortana, set an alarm.
Tell the time to set an alarm for you and Cortana will take care of it.

Cortana, Set an Alarm.
Cortana, set an alarm.

7. Cortana, who’s your creator?
She’s trustworthy as she keeps this as a secret: is what she said “Well now, I can’t give away all my secrets.. “


8. Cortana, who is the founder of Microsoft?
She refers Bing search when she is asked about the founder of Microsoft and says –“Bill gates. Paul Allen.”

Who is founder of Microsoft?

9. Who is better Cortana or Siri?
 She doesn’t leave a chance behind to criticize her closest competitor as she said “That’s a tough one. It’s like comparing apples to windows”

Who is better Cortana or Siri?

10. Cortana, who is your rival?
More humor, “Whoever comes up with an answer first say it out loud”

Who is your Rival?

11. Goodbye Cortana?
“C U Later.”

Goodbye Cortana

Overall, Cortana has just evolved and comes up with an answer in real time if your internet connection is good. There are still many little things which are needed to be fixed ASAP(as soon as possible) because, while answering some simple questions Cortana pops up the result in the Edge browser without narrating it. Wishing ‘the secret creator’ of Cortana to update her soon with new features.

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