This achievement can be called as a Breakthrough for the mankind. The thing we were literally talking about – reviving a loved one by reviving his/her heart that became true in reality by Australian surgeons at St Vincent’s hospital.

Cardiothoracic surgeon Kunud Dhital, who performed the transplantation said he”kicked the air” as said by The Guardian, when the first surgery was successful.

According to a press conference covered by The Guardian, he said ” The incredible development of the preservation solution with this technology of being able to preserve the heart, resuscitate it and to assess the function of the heart has made this possible.

What is the process ? ?
A technique was developed to reactivate the heart, in a so-called heart-in-a-box machine. The blood is removed from the donor to activate the machine and then the heart is taken out and connected to the machine, it is then warmed and then it starts to beat!
Each heart took 4 hours on a minimum time to get activated, then the experts study the heart’s behaviour and performance and accordingly they predict that it will work or not. The same type of technology has been also been used in liver, kidney and other organ transplants.


What people expect after the success of this technology ? ?

The surgeons think that this technology advancement in medical science can save more than 30% lives if the number of heart donors increase in the consequent years.
And other people have a hope to see their loved ones come back if the same case happens with their loved ones.

The British Heart Foundation said the successful transplants of “dead hearts” or donor hearts offered a new hope for patients too.

Experiences of the patients who have undergone the Operation :

A total number of 3 people have undergone this operation and 2 have revived successfully but the third one is still under intensive care and is hoped to get well soon.

The first patient to have the surgery was Michelle Gribilas. She was 57-year-age, who was suffering from congenital heart failure and had surgery about two months ago. She said that she was blessed to have the operation successfully and now she feels like that she is a 40-year old woman.

The second patient, Jan Damen (43), also suffered from the same heart failure as Michelle suffered from and had his surgery recently, 3 weeks ago. He expressed his emotions by saying that he is looking forward to enter the real world once again being a 3-year old child’s father.

So lets hope for this work to be carried out successfully worldwide and all the best to the team who made it this far !

You may watch the video below to know something more about this technology:

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