GTX TITAN X: New Monster In The House

GPU giant NVIDIA revealed their monster TITAN X at Epic Games’ GDC session held yesterday. “It is currently the Kraken of graphics cards which means the most powerful GPU ever built for gaming”, said by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. Yes people, with 8 billion transistors onboard which is a million more than it’s predecessor TITAN Black there is no doubt about it. The GPU is powered by the company’s latest Maxwell Architecture and contains 12gigs of video memory.


The company didn’t reveal much more than this but surely you can tell this is going to bring fire into the rigs. Oh boy oh boy, I can already feel the heat! NVIDIA is going to reveal it’s full specs at their own event a few weeks later. After the company’s announcement of Tegra-based Shield Console this is going to bring massive hit into the Tech Market. Stay tuned for more!

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