GTX 880: Rumors and speculations

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

There are expectations that GTX 880 will be launched by the end of this year though no official announcement has been made yet. Some sources have leaked several details related to the GPU. There are some speculations and rumors but atleast we can go through the leaked specs of this graphics card:

  • 28nm Maxwell GPU: Nvidia made a wiseable decision to choose the 28nm over that of the 20nm as the latter would be very expensive as compard to the former because of more number of chips. Further the 20nm design won’t be feasible as Nvidia is not prepared to maximise its full potential. For now we can’t expect 20nm Maxwell GPU’s till the end of 2015. It is highly likely that the 20nm design will be implemented in the upcoming 900 series. But atleast we should rejoice ourselves to know that the GTX 880 will be cheaper as compared to 780 ti.  I said cheaper but along with that the former will also provide you a slightly better performance in comparision to that of latter. You may watch the video below to know the benchmark of GTX 780 ti.
  • 8 GB RAM/4GB RAM: There will be two variants of GTX 880. It’s obvious that the 8GB model will be more expensive than that of the 4GB model.


  • 3200 CUDA Cores
  • 238 GB/s memory bandwidth
  • 900 MHz clock speed, can be tweaked upto 950 MHz
  • 200 Texture Mapping Units (TMU)
  • 32 Render Output Units (ROP)
  • 7.9 billion transistors
  • 256 bit memory interface (GDDR5)
  • 375 W Power Consumption


The only thing that may dissapoint you is the 256 bit wide memory interface of GTX 880. We are well aware that the 780 ti features a 384 bit wide memory interface and infact has a memory bandwidth of 336 GB/s.  Let’s hope that the upcoming GPU in the 800 series doesn’t disappoint us.

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