Grant Theft Auto Movie: The Gamechangers Trailer Revealed

Last time, we discussed about Grand Theft Auto: The Movie was when the news of Daniel Radcliffe, getting the role of the protagonist, came in. It’s evident that most of you might be busy playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain or Mad Max…umm maybe both. So, talking about the future, by Sept. 15th you may have completed both the games. Be happy, for you’ll get the privilege to witness back-to-back entertainment, as the upcoming GTA movie titled, The Gamechangers will be released on the exact same day, i.e 15th of this month. So, you should probably plan for a late-night stakeout with your gamer friends on the very same day.

The Gamechangers, is centralized around Daniel Radcliffe, starring as Sam Houser. The plot will take you back to 2002, the time when there were too many controversies going on against GTA 3. Leading the charges against the game for it’s violent content, was Jack Thompson (portrayed by Bill Paxton), the attorney who created a lot of trouble for Rockstar Games.

The movie will be aired on 15th September @BBC Two exactly at 9pm. Stay tuned!

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