Google planned and designed driver-less Robot Motor bike.[Headliner news]

Monday, August 11, 2014


Driver-less Motorbike sounds visionary, but Google some how managed to designed it and seeking permission to test them on roads.  

However this is just a rumor which we want to be true or maybe this isn’t a rumor anymore. It will be a great achievement in this innovative world to have a bike which is remotely operated or works automatically. 

Technically speaking i am a lonely kind of a guy and i don’t care what happens around me..I don’t like games or mobiles or tech news… was sarcasm….i am A Tech geek,A Movie Freak and A Guitarist…I love playin games and socializing myself with the world!! I have one thing to say …”Live Long and Prosper” FYI: I am a Star Trek Lover!!


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