Google Pixel Probably Comes With The Slowest Fingerprint Scanner

Almost everyone is waiting for the Google Pixel after pre-ordering it. However, a lucky customer codenamed “wooparse“, got his hands on the device before other consumers out there. All thanks to an Australian carrier – Telstra – who accidentally shipped the device early.

After getting his hands on the device, the user identified as “wooparse” has been sharing a couple of videos on YouTube showing Pixel’s video recording quality, stabilization, and the fingerprint scanner speed test.

Well, of course, he does not seem to be a tech reviewer but a happy customer who wants to share his happiness with the world through YouTube and Reddit as well. So, in of his videos, he tested the fingerprint scanner. Just to let us know how well does it work.

Here’s the video:

If you consider the device showcased in the video as legit and in a good condition, then it looks like a lot of consumers who pre-ordered it might regret ordering it in the first place. But, who knows?

What do you think? Do you think that the device used for the video might be defective? Should you wait for the complete review of the device before ordering it?


1 thought on “Google Pixel Probably Comes With The Slowest Fingerprint Scanner”

  1. Hmm…its a average fingerprint sensor if you will yourself try you may find it takes around 0.4 secs to yea a slow fingerpring scanner

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