Google Launches Android Experiments: A place to showcase Open Source & Creative Apps

Google launched Android Experiments, a site to showcase open source apps for both Android phones and Android wear.

In the official Android Developer’s blog, Google mentioned the objective of this website along with the announcement, “Today, we’re excited to launch Android Experiments: a showcase of inspiring projects on Android and an open invitation for all developers to submit their own experiments to the gallery”.

Android Experiments

It’s generally a showcase for open source as well as “out of the box” apps. It’s a pleasant place designed to showcase creative apps. As we know, Android was created as a canvas on which developers can fill it with beautiful colours (creative apps). The apps being selected should not be just unique, it should use a modern approach, aesthetics and intriguing Interface. If you are a developer, you must submit your creative app on their site! Don’t worry if your app doesn’t get selected, they still want to know what you’ve been building.

For the moment, 19 apps have been listed along with the source code. The featured apps include INKSPACE (experimental 3-D drawing tool), Kintsukuroi (A traditional Android game to put together broken objects) and Landmarker (An experimental intelligent Compass).

This would act as a place to show the world what Android is capable of (Good for Android fans). You just got a place to show others what your Android can do!


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SOURCEAndroid Developer's Blog
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