After so much dilemma Google finally confirmed, Android M will be Marshmallow. Soon after the release of Android (5.0) L (Lollipop), there was a lot of CLAMOR regarding the name of Android M. Some said it would be Muffin while some said Mud-Pie. Others speculated it would be Melon/Meringue or Marshmallow.

Well, as of now the upcoming version, after Android 5.0 Lollipop, will be called as Android Marshmallow, confirmed today. The search giant has also released the final preview version of Android 6.0 SDK which is only for developers. As the final version will be a little different from the preview SDK, we’ll have to wait until this fall, when the latest version will be available worldwide.

NOTE:- Those who will be wishing to update, have to first manually flash the factory version of Android then they can receive the updates Over The Air (OTA). Good Luck..!!

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