GOOGLE CHROME vs FIREFOX [The biggest Browser battle]

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

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This comparison is very difficult but i will help you distinguish between these two vividly.

Google Chrome – Firefox battle starts ! !
(A) Ease of Operation

Chrome is a browser which is older than Firefox and smoother too.
Firefox on the other hand is slightly clumsier and congested in its look and working. Firefox gives its user the full rights to customize each feature present to the smallest detail, unlike Chrome.

(B) Internet Speed

You all must be knowing about software’s which are similar to Internet booster.
If you are using Google Chrome then you must be having a blazing fast internet experience!
Google Chrome uses instant page load technique which loads the image and other things very fast where as you first see unloaded thumbnails for sometime while using Firefox.

In short, Google Chrome does not need Internet Speed Boosting support as it has already the best settings by default.

(C) New Ideas

Ofcourse it’s Google chrome which makes user experience modernized because of the apps, themes, games and lot’s more which it supports , which you don’t find in Firfox.



(D) Cache

Don’t think Google Chrome is winning in this aspect!
You will get tired if you constantly visit a website while it is changing, because you will not see any change! If you want to see a sudden change in a website you are constantly visiting then you will have to clear the cookies and cache which disappoints you because you got some really important cookies there which makes the websites load faster which you visit more often . The thing is that for ONE website you have to compromise the other websites loading time once again when you go for it.


Deleting cache in Google Chrome
Deleting cache in Google Chrome



( E) Extensions and Syncing Capabilities

It’s very critical to explain in details so I write the main differences :

1. Google Chrome extension capabilities makes the browser lag and decrease user experience , whereas Firefox stands good .
2. Google’s Syncing capability is just awesome , no other browser can live to tackle that one haha~.

Firefox's Extension Manager
Firefox’s Extension Manager

(F) Privacy and Security

Firefox outsmarts chrome by providing better privacy owing to its non-usage of third party options and secure password manager, unlike chrome’s insecure password manager. Firefox has immensely powerful security extensions along with better Adblock Plus. Also, in comparison, Firefox is an open source software while Chrome isn’t and Google aims to collect all your data while Firefox gains nothing from it. Chrome also has a Task Manager of its own to provide the transparency to check what actually is hogging the RAM.

Privacy Settings in Firefox
Privacy Settings in Firefox
Security Options in Firefox
Security Options in Firefox

(G) Crash Reports

Both browser’s tend to crash according to number of tab and their capacity.
Here Google Chrome goes down more often as it crashes maximum time as it eats up a lot of RAM.
But Firefox’s crash reports are less compared to Google’s sudden crashes.


chrome eats RAM
chrome eats RAM


Final Verdict :

Firefox wins in only 3 aspects whereas Google Chrome wins in 5 aspects so here the champion is Google Chrome !



This verdict will help you decide which browser you choose according to your requirements , i just helped you choosing the good one for you!


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