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Last updated on August 27th, 2015

When Google takes a step, it obviously involves more profit factors than losses. If you are not aware of the “bug bounty” program, then I must mention that it is a program by website and software developers, to give an opportunity to individuals for reporting bugs which cause unwanted problems and also for detecting vulnerabilities of a specific software/website applications.

Now, let’s continue to find out the little secret about Google’s Bug Bounty program launch for Android.

Generally, how Android is known to you as an Operating System? To most of the users around the world considering the statistics, Android is appealing. And, it dominates the smartphone market with its flexibility in offering features to every type of individuals in this world. Yet, with major advantages, comes concerning downsides as well.

What has been the challenge for Android OS so far?

Well, nothing could have been the biggest challenge for Android than its security. The Android versions till Android 4.3 Jellybean suffered major security vulnerabilities. No one can guarantee about Android’s security level if they are running on Android version Jellybean or lower. However, now, the tables have turned. At present, Android versions starting from Android 4.4 KitKat to 5.1.1 (Lollipop) are considered way more secure than it was ever before. But, still there remains flaws, which can be exploited. If not major flaws, but nasty bugs do exist.

For real, the developers take utmost care while releasing a new version of Android, but as we are humans, so it can’t be always perfect. Security researchers analyze and search for flaws and bugs in it. And report it to the Android developers.

How Bug Bounty program will help improve Android?

Bug bounty program for Android undoubtedly will overcome the challenges faced by Android. And, the security researchers will be majorly responsible to make it happen. The researchers would obviously try to exploit the Android system to earn well by their talents. Well, some are crazy enough to do it for free, that shows their love, but no matter what the vulnerability is, Google may pay up to $40,000(if it’s something major). That’s huge!

So, have you figured it out yet ? How this program would help Google’s Android? It’s simple! Android can become the best mobile operating system out there. It’s now rich with features, but will be also the most secure by the contributions from numerous security researchers. So, in other words, Google is ready to pay and acknowledge those who will be responsible to make Android the top dog. At present, iOS is considered the safest being used widely. So, we might see that title used for Android as well.

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