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Last updated on August 21st, 2017

Water water everywhere not a drop to drink…same is the case of people who are soon going to be a smartphone user or those who already are but done with their old phones, a variety of options available in the market and that is what confuses the users.
So here are things that one should keep in mind before getting a smartphone…..


“Hey bro , is that a Chinese company ?” , “oh indian brand ? C’mon cheap phones, why would anyone choose these?”…if you often think in either of these ways then you are left with samsung, sony,htc, nokia and if  still unsatisfied… then you have iPhone(for an ultimate branded person). These companies are on high position  in international market , as a result they deliver good performance too, however on some these devices the specification don’t balance with price . But they do give you a feel of branded owner  and you can walk around with pride.
On other hand , if you aren’t much worried about the brand then you have plenty of options available ,like asus, micromax, gionee, xiaomi and few others. These will also fit right into your budget and give value for money ,but sometimes you will centre of attraction in a crowd with humiliating questions like “bhaiya ! Chinese phone hai kya?”…. But this doesn’t mean these brands are cheap or are of low quality, these are just misunderstood by others. So you don’t have to be worried about the quality of products and its performance.

There was a time when  what really mattered in a phone was battery duration, but story isn’t the same now , smartphones have turned into mini computers. Everything you need is on your finger tips,so surely u can’t compare it with old devices which used to last long for days. Then what are you supposed to do ??? Well that depends on your usage , if you are a person who works from home, or not a heavy user, you can can go for almost any phone with battery of or above 2000 mAh because even the least one will give at least 5 hours of battery backup.
But if you are a gaming guru sort of person ,u know very well how important is battery in your life. Few smartphone companies like nokia and lenovo have kept this in mind and given user a mini inverter, because if once you run out of battery you feel like your whole damn life is doomed and purpose of life is over.

Random access memory and read only memory, these are the things that we have been studying about since 7-8th grade, RAM and ROM…but what is it exactly?  Well to be precise RAM is what keeps the run time memory of the smartphone , and the device’s speed depends on it . Nowadays smartphone companies offer pretty good ram, earlier 512 MB of RAM was great to go, but now less than 1GB of ram for android isn’t preferable as multi-tasking has increased .
ROM is something that stores internal data, so more the ROM , more the data a phone can thing that is important when you get a smartphone is how much memory do you actually need?…if an average user 8GB is sufficient because you can always go for external storage if some extra storage needed. so when a smartphone company offers you a 16GB internal do go on your feet for it ,think twice…..

If you know what the term megapixel mean, then probably you wouldn’t be fooled by smartphone companies who offer high megapixel camera, because what matters in a camera is size of the sensor. If you head out to the market and compare, you would often notice that some smartphones gives better camera output despite being comprised of 8MP camera.
So check the quality first then if you wish you can jump on smartphone.
Also another important point is if you are out in a showroom, you would find bright lights all around…ever wondered why ? …it’s because when you check camera in a such places, the lighting plays the trick and gives a sharp image, well atleast a better image than it actually is…what to do then ?instead of the showroom try clicking a picture of any shadow area around you(if not form one)…it would give a clear idea how much the camera actually rolls on floor..


No doubt what attracts user the most is screen of a smartphone, as said “jo dikhta hai,wahi bikta hai”( you can translate that in english or ask some hindi friend of yours )..but here is one twist ,more screen size doesn’t mean better display output. Screen completely depends on resolution ,pixel density. So when you see a bigger gigantic smartphone don’t fall blindly for it , it isn’t your bed , its a phone that you need to hold and gonna work on.
If you aren’t into college life or don’t have any specific use of bigger phone then the best screen size recommended is 4.7 inches. As it fits right into your hand, easy to use, n fits right into pockets.

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