Giveaway: Antec 500W Gaming PSU with Blogger Hunt #lets_scavenge

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Booyaka! Booyaka! Welcome to TL Giveaway Season 1 @2K15. Are you looking for a new PSU, available at an affordable price range, to suit your gaming as well as daily needs? Then you don’t needs to go through all the mess of finding the right one for you, as you’ll get a chance to avail the Antec VP500PC SMPS for free. In order to know more about it’s quality and build factor, you may check our review:

Antec VP500PC [Review]: A Worthy Budget Gaming PSU

Not only VP500PC but also we’re offering you the Antec VP450PS. Yes, you heard right. You may also get a chance to avail yourself with another PSU titled-“VP450PS”. Wait! This isn’t the end, as you may also get an opportunity to join us and post your articles on Tech Legends. We provide people with unique as well as hot news related to the world of tech as well as gaming. You may be surprised to know this but we have also published interview articles on various pro-gamers like Zerah Gonsalves (Female Gaming Entrepreneur), Mukul Sabhani (Captain of EVoX Gaming), etc. along with tech-journalists as well like Gordon Kelly (Renowned Editor at Forbes) and Kris Carlon (Senior Editor of AndroidPIT). And for your delight, recently we just created a YouTube channel of our own that provides people with videos based on popular games and app reviews. If you are interested, you may also become a part of it. You may see our channel for yourself:

So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself as soon as possible to win this giveaway contest! Click the link mentioned below to fill up the registration form:

Note: Offer vaild only in India

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