Gigabyte AORUS Launch Event in Gurgaon : A Remarkable Experience

Last updated on February 3rd, 2017

Followed by the AORUS unveil at CES 2017, Gigabyte organized one among the largest product launch events in the history of Indian gaming industry. We warmly, thank Gigabyte India for inviting us to the AORUS launch event in Gurgaon.

It was definitely a unique experience for us. We had lots of fun and met some noteworthy people from the core Gigabyte team from Taiwan. If you weren’t there to witness the event then worry not, as we’ll give you a walkthrough of everything that you need to know.

Where Was The Event Organized?

Gigabyte AORUS Launch

The event was organized on 13th January at Le Meridien, a 5-star hotel in Gurgaon. Hardware and gaming enthusiasts, distributors and retailers across India were exclusively invited to the event. Key dignitaries from the marketing and technical team of Taiwan joined in as well.

What is AORUS?

AORUS, the name derived from the Egyptian God, “Horus”, is a subsidiary of Gigabyte Technology that mainly focuses on manufacturing mechanical keyboards, gaming laptops, and various peripherals. Recently, at CES 2017, Gigabyte unveiled its new 200 series of motherboards tagged up with the AORUS brand name, which was later showcased in India.

The Grand Opening

Well, the ‘Grand Opening’ was special. It was visually appealing and the way AORUS was revealed, we just can’t describe in words. You have to see for yourself.

The Key Dignitaries

It was really a great honor to see the core technical and marketing executives from Taiwan in the launch event. We got an opportunity to have a chat with some of the greatest intellectuals of Gigabyte.

Mr. Tony Liao  augmented the AORUS reveal with a nice introductory speech”

Mr. Tony Liao (Associate Vice President, Gigabyte Technology) delivering the keynote speech

Mr. Tony Liao (Associate Vice President, Gigabyte Technology) augmented the AORUS reveal with a nice introductory speech.

Mr. Hunter Lee (Senior Product Manager, Gigabyte Technology) explaining about the latest in tech with AORUS mobos

Especially relevant, we got to see a complete walkthrough of the GA 270X variants by Mr. Hunter Lee (Senior Product Manager), who amped up the nerdy minds in the event.

It was great meeting Mr. Wilson Wu from the Gigabyte Team

Miss Shiva Yang (Sales Head, South Asia) and Mr. Benny (Technical Marketing Manager) revved up the event with sarcasm and intense dynamic interactions.

The Product Unveil

gigabyte aorus launch

“The Z270X AORUS mobos have been exclusively designed to meet the extreme needs of high-end gaming enthusiasts”

Apparently, there are six Z270 AORUS variants, out of which only three of them were unveiled in the event. The top-tier GA-Z270X-Gaming 9 having a price tag of INR 62,000 was the most important highlight. The rest two were relatively lower priced models at around INR 27K, namely, the Z270X-Gaming 7 and Z270X-Gaming 5 that also caught the attention of many enthusiasts.

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The Key Features

The Z270X AORUS mobos have been exclusively designed to meet the extreme needs of high-end gaming enthusiasts. Most commonly, they feature hybrid fan headers to suit all sorts of cooling tech out there. Metal fortified PCIe and RAM slots are evidently present, along with a series of U.2 and M.2 headers to support high-speed NVMe SSDs. 

“Gigabyte will offer a 5-year warranty for its new AORUS based motherboards”

In addition, they include Killer Ethernet and WiFi controllers as well. All these mobos readily support the Intel Optane based storage products. Most noteworthy, Gigabyte is offering a 5-year warranty for its new AORUS based motherboards.

Let’s have a glimpse of some of the key features.

RGB Fusion Lighting

gigabyte aorus rgb fusion

Most noteworthy, the new AORUS mobos have multi-colored LEDs integrated throughout. You can even customize and control the lighting patterns, all thanks to the RGB Fusion App offering an intuitive and rich UI.

“The Intelligent light pattern scheme informs you about the temperature variations of your system”


Some of the important pre-defined patterns include ‘Music’ and ‘Intelligent’. The former gives you an exact lighting pattern matched with each and every sound bit generated by any game or movie you are watching! The latter can be used to inform you about the temperature variations of your system based on the colors generated by the LEDs.

EK Designed G-Frost Hybrid Water Block

EK Waterblock

The series leader, GA-Z270X-Gaming 9 features a hybrid water block exclusively designed by EK, which enables the liquid coolant to be pumped across the processor VRMs (voltage regulator module). This further allows better overclocking stabilities.

Creative Sound Blaster ZxRi / Sound Core3D Audio

aorus mobo audio caps

We all know how immersive an experience we can get while gaming with 3D audio. The AORUS mobos possess one among the finest audio capacitors to deliver high-end sound quality to your classy headphones.

We are really looking forward to test how our experience is gonna be like with an AORUS mobo in store. According to our sources, there’s a possibility of 1080 Xtreme Edition bearing the AORUS tag name to be launched in India soon enough. But for now, let’s get back to the event! There’s still more to it!

Dance Performance

gigabyte aorus launch

So, you can’t have everything nerdy and technical throughout an event! The audience should be entertained right? It was really fun to watch various artists perform their best alternatively, after each and every keynote speech or nerdy conversation.

Custom Loop Tutorial

Mr. Benny (Technical Marketing Head) delivered a dynamic custom loop tutorial to educate the audience. People later got the chance to compete and show their custom loop-making skills live on stage. The guys who volunteered were divided into two teams. The winning team was rewarded with exclusive goodies from Gigabyte.

The Exclusive Gamer Zone

While most of the people were busy watching the dance performance, there was an exclusive nerd zone for all the gamers especially, who were invited to the event. So, what was there to see in the nerdy zone? The answer is hands-on-experience! Yup, you got it right!


There were custom PCs set up for gamers so that they could witness high-end gaming with AORUS motherboards incorporated. There were separate builds on the showcase as well. The custom cooling elevated their aura. We can’t simply take our eyes off the rig housed by a white Thermaltake case.

“Several famous Indian cosplayers amplified the essence of the event”


[From left] Akarshak Tanwar, Misa Navita, Indu Khokher (Assistant Manager, Gigabyte India), Akansha Sachan, Niha Novacaine
There were popular Indian cosplayers present to liven up the essence of the event. Most of the gamers were busy taking selfies with them. Well, why wouldn’t they? The evergreen Niha Novacaine looked great with the Crystal Maiden outfit.

Pro FIFA Player Santanu Basu with Akansha Sachan

The Wonder Woman cosplay by Akansha Sachan was superb! Misa Navita and Akarshak Tanwar really looked amazing with their custom outfits.

“The Gigabyte AORUS Launch was huge and unique in its own aspect”


It really feels great when you meet like minded people in meetups and events. You can openly talk and connect to each other, and that’s exactly what the gamers in India need. The Gigabyte AORUS Launch was huge and unique in its own aspect.

gigabyte aorus launch

With this event, Gigabyte has definitely left a mark in the nation’s evolving gaming scene, and hence, we need more of these happening in India. However, most of the technologies featured by the AORUS series of motherboards, are not new. They already exist. Gigabyte may have tweaked some of the existing tech but we certainly can’t predict how AORUS mobos will flare out in the Indian market.

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