GearBest’s March Markdowns : A Premier Online Electronics Seller

Last updated on August 12th, 2017

Gearbest is an online electronic products seller. It is popular for its collection of gadgets available for sale. Some products are just out of the box. The products are just awesome. And there is a 45-day money back guarantee policy without asking any question to the customer. So, you can stop worrying about their service quality.


It also provides with a 360-days free repair warranty so that you may not worry for the first issue you encounter on your purchased product. Like the eBay, it has also got the D.O.A (Dead On Arrival) protection for customers if the product they bought doesn’t work right after unboxing. So, the D.O.A ensures the return of the product in such cases.

And the products they offer work great without any issues. GearBest specializes in consumer electronics, gadgets and men’s fashion. Their online catalog is constantly expanding with the very latest and the coolest gadgets added every day to ensure the customers do get their tech fix.

What makes it More Different ?

People have experienced Flipkart, Snap deal and other e-commerce giants in India. But do they offer FREE SHIPPING? That too worldwide, coming right at your doorstep? But GearBest does include FREE SHIPPING on every product which is available to get delivered to over 200 countries.

Well, this is what makes an emerging premier e-commerce shop from others. It entered the Indian market recently and is set to withstand the competition from the e-commerce giants of India. It will obviously take time to settle down in India by improvising their marketing strategies for Indian buyers.

A GRAND Online Event by Gearbest

After you got to know about Gearbest are you ready to experience a breath taking event held by them ?
It’s codenamed as MARCH MARKDOWNS. It is really interesting, when I first checked it out I had a thought that it would be same as other websites do. But this one seemed a lot more different. As a token of celebration of the company’s anniversary they opened up the event from March 16-31.

It contains basically two types of offer. The first one lets you SPIN & WIN. It’s the same way you ever imagined to get $$$$’s in gambling at Las Vegas. There you need to invest some amount of money. But here you just need to Sign Up, if you do not have an account there. Each account holder will be allowed to spin the wheel once. So, you will get a chance to try your luck out there. It’s a fair contest. If you win something then your name will show up on the list of winners.

Getting an OnePlus phone isn’t a bad thing right ? Well, that depends on your luck when you try it. 

And the event doesn’t end here. Secondly, it is offering Top 81 flagship deals at  un-imaginable discount rates. The products not only contain smartphones, it also includes other categories of products.

Let us know in the comments section below. What do you think about GearBest ? Many people from India and other countries have joined the online event. What are you waiting for ? ? Go grab yours now.



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