3 Features of Galaxy S6 Edge+ that seriously beats the Apple iPhone 6

Samsung definitely wants to compete with the Apple iPhone series. So, there must be someone who likes to show off. In this case, that’s Samsung. After the iPhone 6 was launched, Apple made an ad mentioning – “If it’s not an iPhone, It’s not an iPhone.”

And, now after observing three videos on YouTube (Samsung Mobile USA channel), I’m at the conclusion where Samsung has figured out its tagline to respond Apple iPhone’s tagline. The tagline goes like this- “It’s not a phone, it’s a galaxy”. However, Apple focused on its speciality whereas Samsung wants to make other manufacturers realise its dominance in the smartphone market.

These videos hints at the three features of Galaxy S6 Edge+ which beats the Apple iPhone 6.

Wireless Charging

This feature makes charging easy and portable. However, this ability has never been found in an iPhone. Wireless charging is faster. And, as the video suggests it can be used one by one without any physical contact with the charger.


Dual-Edge Display

This has been the most amazing creation in the growth of display screens for smartphones. Dual-Edge displays are revolutionary in the smartphone market. And, that is definitely not going to happen in an iPhone. And, this might be a moment of war between Apple fanboys and Samsung fanboys. But, the fact states that Apple iPhone is slow on features, it gets the features which already exists (most of ’em).

Disclaimer: I’m not a Samsung fanboy!

Here’s the 30-second video showing the usefulness and beauty of dual-edged display.


Samsung Pay

Samsung had announced that “Samsung Pay” would be the only payment app widely accepted ad supported in most of the stores equipped with basic payment card swipe systems. It supports both NFC and MST based transactions. And, currently Apple’s iPhone relies only on NFC-based payment system (accepted in selected stores).




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