Fragments: Microsoft’s First HoloLens Game

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Well, this is hot!!! Microsoft just officially unveiled the first of the three games supplied with the purchase of HoloLens @Developer_edition. Fragments, as the name suggests, is a sci-fi crime-drama mixed-reality title. The game has been developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Asobo Studio located in Bordeux, France.

According to Mircrosoft, “Working with Asobo Studio on HoloLens has been an awesome experience. We got a chance to work with a developer and explore what it meant to be somebody outside of our company making the word’s first holographic experiences.“  So, what are those holographic experiences? Let’s hologram ourselves as we discuss in details about the game.


So, you take your time off and decide to mount the HoloLens. All of a sudden, you discover the Director of Kirkland sitting next to you. Sitting on the couch, speaking to you in a calm and relaxed sense, the Director just assigns you to solve a murder mystery….how cool is that?!  So, it’s just like you are having a convo with a character from a game which is happening all inside your house! Surely, gaming is just wrapping up to the next level and probably by the time you have kids, you don’t need to story-tell or lullaby them.


All right, let’s get straight to the point and rather discuss about the game. Yes, you may have played some detective games on your console like L.A. Noire or Heavy Rain and you may have had an interesting experience but with ‘Fragments’ you gotta a hell lot of job to do. The former two games that we mentioned, had everything in store for you. So, we can call it a sort of linear gameplay but the latter is something far more bigger and better which offers you with a real-time and dynamic gameplay. Just gulp and digest the words ‘real-time crime solving’ because that’s the most important unique aspect of this game.

You’ll discover many hidden clues inside your house itself

So, basically there might be hidden clues located throughout your house. Let’s say it could be a wrench located beneath your coffee-table or a mashed baseball bat inside your cupboard. Who knows there might be a dead-body lying inside your bathroom! You have to very minute and a good observer if you want to be called as a good-detective by your fellow real-time digitally rendered NPC’s. Don’t you get it now? This is actually kind of a role-play simulation game. Wow! A perfect opportunity for you to test your crime-solving skills and prove to the world that yes, you are Sherlock Holmes inside your living dorm!

Wait? Are there any other games?

The answer is yes! There are yet two more interesting mixed-reality titles, created by the same Asobo Studio, coming with the developer edition of HoloLens as well. So, what are they?

Young Conker


You might be familiar with Conker, the funny yet cute chipmunk character appearing in games of the same name? No? Well to be frank, it’s not a problem either because with HoloLens you are going to play with this character in your house @real-time, all thanks to Young Conker, one among the first games integrated into the developer edition of HoloLens. According to the company, “So, first a conker walks across your home and starts bouncing on the couch. Wait a minute! How do you know that’s a couch?”

You can do anything with Young Conker- make him fly, shoot drones, collect coins or make him stumble on the edge of a real box! Cool, so you don’t need to buy and maintain an in-house pet after all!



Imagine your house being invaded by Robotic Spaceships and drones! What would you do? Fire laser? Launch missiles? Think about evasive maneuvers? This is nothing but a bad yet seamlessly-interesting dream you had yesterday…right? Well, kiss your dog as all of this is possible all thanks to RoboRaid, which is yet another mixed-reality game incorporated into HoloLens. This can actually act as a good workout session for you. Hence, be very precise in your aim and reflexes, otherwise one tiny lapse of concentration could result in your house suffering from multiple cracks!

Woah! Hell of a holographic experience isn’t yet? Well, this can be yours if you pre-order the dev-kit now at around $3000. Enjoy playing HoloLens games! Happy HoloGaming!

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