Flipkart …Going to enter Smartphone Market ??

Flipkart,which is an e-commerce giant in India, much like Amazon or eBay.
From our sources they are teaming up with ” Karbonn” to launch a few budget smartphones.

We have seen that Flipkart had already participated with other companies too like Motorola . ( For the Exclusive laucnh of Moto G & Moto X) . But the past was in a different way of participation .

Here it seems like Flipkart doesn’t want to stay back of Amazon because they are already in the Smartphone market.

According to Flipkart , it said the budget friendly  phones will range from 2699 INR  to 4,999 INR.
They also said that it plans to launch a series with two 2G phones and two 3G smartphones.

tech legends
Karbonn A15(expected to be similar to this)

These phones will come in a similar type of Specifications as Moto E was launched and the goal of these phones will be same as of Amazon Fire phones.

Stay updated for more news on it !

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