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Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

Before anything Ubisoft has just released the second part of the Kyrat series, which introduces the midlands and the Himalayas. Check it out here!!!

In a recent interview to IGN India, Alex Hutchinson revealed that Far Cry 4 will have 5 different endings and that they are for the players to find out.

AND YETIS!!! Yes, the DLC season pass was announced by Ubisoft this week which, along with an extra single player mission and co op mission, WILL HAVE YETIS. The DLC will include a mission called “The Valley of Yetis”. Ajay’s helicopter crashes on a Himalayan ridge and you as Ajay have to scavenge and survive. Alex also tweeted out to clear out the confusion regarding the multiplayer aspect of the game; the multiplayer will come with the game and a new multiplayer game mode called over run will be added in the DLC.

This is awesome news and the transparency that Alex has been showing with fans is only a sign of how great the game is going to be. The devs look confident, the fans look excited and the elephants look bloodthirsty. I just can NOT wait for Far Cry 4.

Last week, Alex told us that the Himalayas will be restricted to specific missions. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on Far Cry 4 and other awesome games.

Also check out Far Cry 4’s co op gameplay. Its awesome.

Far Cry 4 is coming out, bashing doors with Elephants, on November 18th 2014 on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC.

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