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Ubisoft has released a new gameplay trailer featuring the game’s, if not the series’s, most formidable weapon; The Elephants.

The team of Far Cry 4  have made it clear that they want the game to be as ‘free and open’ as possible. The mission approach will totally be up to the player; different choices will be presented to the player and he/she will have the full freedom to decide the approach. Dan Hay, the producer of Far Cry 4, stated the player will have a 360 degree approach, which basically means that the player can approach the situation in any angle they want to. The players can manipulate different gameplay systems to their advantage; for example, one can strap C4 to an elephant (oh, the poor elephant) and then ride it into a camp full of soldiers, or one can lure a snow leopard into an enemy’s camp and watch the fun.


Far Cry 4 has the potential to be one of the best open world games of the year and we, at Tech Legends, wish the team of Far Cry 4 the very best.

Given below is the trailer along with an interview with the team of Far Cry 4.

Wanna check out the making of Far Cry 4? Click here.

Far Cry 4 releases on November 18th 2014 for the PS4, the Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

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