Far Cry 4: Let’s discover the characters

Do you want to know something more about the main characters of Far Cry 4? Well, damn right you are! That’s not a question to ask. UbiBlog recently revealed an interview with Dan Hay, the Executive Producer of Far Cry 4. Dan talks about the plot’s antagonist, Pagan Min in depth like who actually he is and what type of personality this person has.

“You think what it takes to make a character like that.First thing, you got to judge a book by its cover he comes out: he’s got blonde hair, he’s got the pink suit and you think that you understand what kind of person he is and then you beat him, he is a completely different person right? We wanted to to give him  an element of charm, we wanted to give him an element of sophistication and then we take a guy like that, we put him in charge of the country for twenty years where his face is on the money. He can do whatever he wants and nobody has the power to go against him”, says Dan.

We already are aware that Pagan and Ajay Ghale, our hero, have some sort of relationship in between them. Actually, Ajay spent his childhood in the same place as that of Pagan and they have known each other for years. Now that Ajay is back to his native place, he will discover many things..including many conspiracies.

“We want you to be able to get out to the open world. The star of Far Cry 3 was the open world. The star of Far Cry 4 is the open world with a story that’s going to complement that and make it work that the characters know each other and hence you will discover that everything is related…even co-op being one of that it’s not messing with your single player experience. By making it all work together and by making it feel like you can fall into the world”, adds Dan.

You should not miss this awesome 4 mins footage below to know something more about Far Cry 4 in depth:

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