Far Cry 4 Co-op mode: New Gameplay Footage Revealed

Definitely, you must be excited about Far Cry 4, if you are reading this. This game is full of surprises which I assure you of and for your delight, PlayStation Access just recently revealed a co-op gameplay footage of Far Cry 4.

The narrated co-op footage showcases two players Ron and Nathan exploring Kyrat in co-op mode. Do you remember that you had a separate access to multiplayer in FC3 which was very limited? Well, this time it’s not the same as you will be hooked to multiplayer instantly in the single player mode itself. This means that you and your friend will get ultimate freedom playing the co-op mode.

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You can seige control of outposts, explore the world and have lots of fun. Liberating fortress outposts will be the most interesting part, as you know that they will be heavily guarded. So, you will have to rely on stealth and that really sounds challenging. You can formulate strategies and co-ordinate accordingly to take down targets. Let’s say, your friend can provide over-watch as a sniper while you storm the base with stealth knockdowns. For your info, when you scan and mark your targets…not only do they appear on your screen but also your partner can see them.


The co-op looks exciting though and I think you should really go for it.  Far Cry 4 will be out on Nov. 18 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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