Far Cry 4: Another Crazy Trailer Revealed [More Monkeys!!!]

-“More monkeys and one crazy harpoon gun!”

What the hell? More monkeys??? One crazy harpoon gun? Actually, this is what the new Far Cry 4 trailer is all about. Just like the previous trailer was completely crazy, this one is also kind of like that. Did you miss the last official trailer? Then you may refer this link:

Far Cry 4: Watch the hilarious new trailer

You will almost feel like dancing along with the background music of the trailer, if you had a crazy day. The video showcases the usage of a crazy harpoon gun and a herd of mischievous monkeys trying to prove themselves that no one can dominate them! The harpoon gun is so powerful that you can even take down a helicopter using it!  Yes, be careful of the monkeys though when they are in a group. Never underestimate those little funny creatures!


Far Cry 4 will be out on 18th November this year for Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and PS4. Do not forget to cast your votes below:

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Watch the new Far Cry 4 trailer below:-



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