Fallout Shelter: A Sidekick Game by Bethesda for iOS and Android

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bethesda really came in hot with its press conference at E3. Games like Dishonered 2, DOOM and Fallout 4 were showcased at the event. But the Fallout fans are in for a treat as the company revealed a real-life Pip Boy and a sidekick mobile game, “Fallout Shelter”, for Android and iOS devices. While the iOS version has been already released, the game is yet to be launched for Android devices.


So, what the game is basically about? You are in charge of a vault that you build from scratch. You permit dwellers to reside in the vault, feed them and use them to increase your resources. Using those resources, you can add more rooms to your vault and allow more workers to dwell in your shelter. ¬†You can also add cafeterias for workers, classrooms for their children, gym, etc. You can send some citizens to wasteland in-order to scavenge extra xp and valuable resources. But you do need to protect your vault from accidents, raid attacks, etc. and make sure that everyone inside is safe. This sounds a bit like Tiny Tower buy you will still love the game as it has more features and things to do in store. Check out it’s reveal footage featured at E3:

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