Facebook helps to catch a thief red-handed!

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

If you are a thief then how would you attempt burglary? It’s obvious that you have to be very careful in doing so by not leaving any clues behind. Otherwise, it would be easier for the police to track you. Well, there are different kinds of thieves out there. Some tend to make mistakes whereas some are higly skilled. But you would be surprised to know about a criminal who recently got caught red-handed, that too in a very sarcastic way, all thanks to the popular social networking site, Facebook.

Nicholas Wig, 26, the convicted thief
Nicholas Wig, 26, the convicted thief

Nicholas Wig, 26, barged in the house of a Minnesotta resident during night and stole some cash, credit-cards and a watch. This guy said ‘hi’ to facebook too as he managed to access a system within the house. But unfortunately, HE FORGOT TO LOG OUT! Poor guy….no rather we should call this situation very funny. Why would someone access FB during these kind of situations?

Wig's facebook timeline
Wig’s facebook timeline

James Wood, the house owner, was shocked to discover an unknown person’s facebook id online on his computer. Taking advantage of the situation, he made a status update on Wig’s profile writing,”‘Watch out for this guy – he’s a thief.” He also provided his contact number. To his surprise he got a phone call from the thief who negotiated with him to return all the stolen goods in exchange for the latter’s clothes which had been left at the victim’s house by mistake. Everything was done perfectly. Both the parties got themselves what they wanted. But after the meeting, Woods reported the matter to the police and Nicholas was caught red-handed.

If found guilty, then Nicholas Wig will be penalized with a sum of around $20,000 along with 10 years of prison.

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