Facebook is going to introduce something new !

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Do you really explore all the links in the news feed which comes at regular intervals ??

If you are not interested in anything you don’t need this , but the people who want to explore the links at their News Feeds a new feature is going to help them even if they don’t have time to explore .

Facebook is going to introduce a ” SAVE ON FACEBOOK ” feature which can help you save the important news feeds link which you can explore whenever you get time , irrelevant of what device you are using this feature works on web and mobile too .

It also reminds you that you had saved some links to explore …. not just links you can save the virtual news having a photo attached in it which will be saved to your account .

So, you don’t have to search for your favorite news like counting the number of stars in the sky , you can just save it and explore it whenever you get time .

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