Moves: A Fitness-tracking app acquired by Facebook


Movers App After acquiring a Photo Sharing and a Smartphone Messenger,Facebook entered into the field of fitness by buying Helsinki based mobile app “Moves” that uses sensors in the smartphone to track the owners activities.

This app offers a confusion free setup for calculating the movement and information regarding the fitness and health.

Moves notes the whereabouts of its user throughout the day and helps the user maintain a fitness routine.It also provides fitness care methods to manage the lifestyle of the user.

The app was launched in January last year and was declared a “Surprise Hit” by Apple.It has currently been downloaded over 4 million times in Android and iOS devices.

Like Whatsapp and Instagram, Moves will continue its operations as a separate  app,with its team quoting that they have no plans in merging data with Facebook.

Facebook’s decision to buy an activity-tracking app coincides with Apple expecting to make fitness,a key feature in “iWatch” which is a long rumoured smart watch.


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