Explore the Himalayas and Midlands at Kyrat in the new Far Cry 4 trailer

-“You won’t truly find what you are looking for, until you find yourself in Kyrat.”

Kyrat is full of beautiful landscapes and wonders that will definitely leave an indelible mark in your mind. On top of that, there are lots of opportunities available in Kyrat….that will lead you to interesting and dangerous adventures.


Mainly, as far as we are concerned…the geography of Kyrat has been subdivided into- The Midlands and Himalayas. “The Midlands are home to beautiful vistas, exotic animal life and the well-oiled machines of Kyrat’s booming drug trade.” Also, the people of Kyrat maintain the tradition of organizing deadly contests, where you have to face wild beasts or you may be assigned to survive against a horde of blood thirsty enemies.


“But the brutality and violence in the arena is nothing as compared to what you will face, once you reach the wicked-windswept peaks of the Himalayas”. The peaks are heavily guarded by royal army patrols, savaged by beasts like wolves and who knows what else? You also need to be careful when you scale these mountains, as these are the source of dangerous avalanches that will eat you up!”

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“In Kyrat, we will explore the lush wetlands, hillside forests, bloody arenas and deadly hikes.” Far Cry 4 is full of surprises and you must be impatient to get your hands on this wonderful game. The game will be out on Nov. 18 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3. Till then stay tuned with our updates!

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