Experience the Watch_Dogs: WeareData

"Witness the power of ctOS"
“Witness the power of ctOS”

Have you tried Watch_Dogs WeareData yet? If you haven’t then please be sure to check the WeareData website. There you can scout three cities: London, Paris and Berlin to gather sensitive and insensitive data, somewhat like the ability of Aiden to track info about the surroundings on his smartphone. By using this wonderful feature you can access a surveillance map of any of the three cities highlighting statistical info like average salary of a particular area, electricity consumption, unemployment as well as crime rates. You can also shift to a 3D view of the map if you want.

Also there are social media icons available like tweet feeds, Instagram,Flickr,etc. of public accounts. We can see their tweets and also recently uploaded Instagram and Flickr pics. Rather than this you can also view the location of ATM’s, CCTV cameras and traffic lights. The vast pull of data you can find is actually public and Ubisoft has not done anything to hamper the privacy rights of any person or organisation.

But imagine! The power of ctOS in your hands with a vast pull of information. You also have the ability to be Aiden Pearce! Just one more month and the wait will be over for Watch_Dogs, as the game comes in May 27th this year.

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