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Last updated on August 6th, 2018

Don’t want to sit down in front of your computer? Want to respond to the emails on-the-go? I must say that you’re really serious about being a productive fellow. If email conversations are of great concern to you, then you could simply follow the best email apps for your smartphone. Say what? Do you operate on webmail with a Microsoft exchange server? On the off chance, if it’s a yes then you should read this article to know about different exchange email apps available for Android.

What is an Exchange Email?

This type of email service is mostly used by the people who normally belong to a company. It is usually considered as a secure access to Microsoft Exchange Server. Yes, it is an enterprise email solution offered exclusively by Microsoft.

The organizations who are serious about their email conversation’s confidentiality, prefer using Microsoft Exchange service.

Exchange email service comes with a lot of advantages as well. It’s highly reliable and thereby facilitates data loss prevention. It also offers inbuilt protection against viruses, phishing attacks, and spam. So, you’ll focus on doing more rather being cautious all the time.

Exchange email service is secure enough to protect sensitive information and surprisingly, it lets you access them 24×7 without having to worry about anything else.

9 Best Exchange Email Apps For Your Android Device

Nine – Exchange on Mobile

nine - picture of email appIt’s a pretty useful email app which supports synchronizing with Microsoft Exchange Servers. It utilizes direct push technology with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. The user interface seems to resemble that of Gmail. There’s a bit of difference here as it is colorful and not just bound to follow a single accent color. It supports rich text and provides a rich text editor as well.

It also supports S/MIME – which refers that the app supports encrypted email. Normally, if someone sends a digitally signed and encrypted email, you would observe an attachment with it as “smime.p7s“.

You may think of it as something weird, but it isn’t.

It’s just that you’ve received an encrypted email but you are viewing the email on an app which doesn’t support S/MIME. Although we haven’t had a look at the big picture – it’s a paid app. It is free to use for a period of 2 weeks and then in order to continue using it, you’ll have to upgrade it for USD 9.99 .

WPS Mail

WPS MailIt’s one of the trending exchange email apps for Android. It sure does support Microsoft exchange synchronization. The user interface here is quite clean but it’s not something everyone would like. Only users with the specific taste would love getting used to the UI implemented here.

You can send attachments up to 15 MB without relying on cloud storage links. It lets you tailor a VIP contact list. Whenever you get an email from a person in the VIP list, it appears at the top of your Inbox. It comes with the Dropbox integration as well.

ASUS Email

ASUS emailNot for all but if you’re lucky to own an ASUS device, you should try it out. It is definitely one of the most loved exchange email apps. However, limited to specific devices, the number of installs still seem fairly high.

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Aqua Mail

aqua - email exchange appIt’s one of the most popular email apps for Android. In addition, it supports Microsoft exchange email service synchronization as well. It supports rich-text formatting which you can use to embed images and for professional signatures as well.

There’s something interesting here if you have a rooted device with Tasker installed. It offers specific integration with Tasker app in order to change settings, trigger mail check, and message based events.


stack mail - microsoft exchange emailWell, you may not have heard about it earlier but you may get used to it now. It’s a well maintained exclusive exchange email app along with other basic functionalities offered. The user interface is quite good actually. It gives a different experience compared to other exchange email apps.

As an added bonus to a unique experience, it also provides a rich-text editor. You can have a look at the email messages as a “conversation view”, by that it means you could enjoy email conversations that look like Facebook chats. It also provides the way to swipe for quick actions. Furthermore, if you would choose to mark flags and clear them later, it features the option as well.


boxer email appAn exchange email app which supports canned responses just like Inbox by Gmail. It’s always great to be able to send quick replies, thus saving a lot of time. The user interface is quite good but not something that I would prefer.

It comes baked in with several useful options and features. It lets you carry out bulk edits at a faster rate. You can even customize the quick swipe action according to your convenience. However, there are limitations when using the free version.

The useful features like – ability to add multiple accounts, exchange support via ActiveSync, custom quick replies and others would be accessible to you only when you upgrade it to the Pro version (it costs you around 15 USD).

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft outlookWell, there’s no question to be asked regarding the support for Microsoft exchange email service on its own product. So, it’s definitely one of the recommended exchange email apps that you should be using right now.

It includes an option to filter emails (unread, flagged & attachments). You can customize the signature as well. In order to organize email conversations on the basis of its priority, you can enable Focused Inbox (it should be enabled by default). It just lets you keep important emails separate. You can also connect your favorite apps (Evernote + Facebook + Wunderlist) with Outlook.


mail droid - best exchange email appsIt’s a free exchange email app with in-app advertisements present. It allows encryption by using open PGP in the MIME format. You can also secure the accounts synced by setting up a password protection. It offers split-screen functionality for tablet devices and also, comes with a lot of cloud storage integration which includes Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box).

MailDroid brings along the much needed OAuth2 security authentication method to make sure that the email accounts are secure enough. Furthermore, it supports encrypted emails as well.


cloudmagic emailIt’s an impressive exchange email app for Android. The user interface is simple in its approach but looks good enough. It supports adding multiple accounts and for every new account, it assigns a color to each one.

It offers a premium feature to know the complete professional details (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, AngelList profiles, job title, location & description) of the people you interact with. It includes the said feature as “Sender Profile”. It would cost you around $25/year to take advantage of the feature. It’s a lot for a common user, but if you’re really serious about the information of a client or sender you’re dealing with, this feature would definitely come handy. CloudMagic offers a lot of smart integration services which include Wunderlist, Todoist, Evernote, OneNote, Trello, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Asana.

Blue Mail

bluemailIt’s one of a kind exchange email app that houses a bunch of features in it. The user interface is unique in its approach. It provides various smart features which include group email, rich text signature, mobile printing support, unread counter, android wear support, and more similar options. It also helps to keep your email conversation secure and private as you get an option to set a timed lock screen to protect private emails.

Let us know in the comments section below about the email app you prefer to sync exchange email accounts on your Android device. Did we miss one of the great exchange email apps?

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  1. How about Gmail? I have tried almost all from your list, decided to use Cloud Magic, but it did not worked very well for me. When Gmail began to support Exchange accounts I gave it a try. Guess what? I don’t change it for any other…

  2. Yes! I did forget about it! I looked for different email apps and reviewed them, forgot to try the one I already had on my device! haha!

  3. Scott Schabel

    A great email app that supports exchange is Aquamail. Lots of customization options and supports exchange calendar for all those meeting invites.

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