How many times have we broken precious vases and other items in our homes by virtue of our clumsy hands and little children running around? Well here is an advice to those beleaguered persons – try everSTIK; a new revolutionary adhesive; which makes sure your precious items do not fall off and break even under extreme force and pressure.

Developed by UM! Brands it combines the concepts of nano-suction and air pressure together, it generates tremendous amount of suction which can easily hold great amount of weights with ease.
When a vacuum is present between a smooth surface and a suction cup, the higher atmospheric pressure outside the cup enables the suction cup to maintain its grip. So when the everSTIK is pressed against the surface of a smooth material, millions of microscopic suction cups create a big vacuum which in turn generates a strong suction force which can hold on to huge amounts of weights. This suction cups are placed so densely together that they feel smooth to touch and can virtually cling to a wide range of surfaces such as wood, metal, marble, tile, glass and even walls.

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These suction cups will ensure that your precious items do not shatter to ground even under 3gs of pressure.
So do the items placed on the everSTIK come off easily? They come off easier than most of us would believe. By simply twisting the objects 90 degrees we can take off the objects like taking off an object from an ordinary piece of paper.
Unfortunately as the saying goes: Nothing is perfect.

EverSTIK can only work perfectly in the temperature range of 0 to 80 degree Celsius. Also since it a matter of surface area, objects with a smaller surface tend to be better bets while placing on top of everSTIK
Nevertheless, it is one of those innovative new inventions which promises to change the scenario of its field forever.




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