Enjoy Playing Fallout 4 By Drinking Fallout Beer!!!

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

So, what do we usually do when we want to celebrate on the account of something? Let’s say for an instance, your pet dog gave birth to a few puppies! You would definitely enjoy the moment by having a glass of beer with your friends or acquaintances. Now, let’s move straight to the interesting part. So, you know that Fallout 4 will be out next month and probably you must be trembling with excitement.


Now, here’s the thing….Fallout 4 has gone gold! Yes, you heard right! In other words, the development of the game is complete and in order to celebrate this occasion, the developer/publisher, Bethesda has partnered with a Danish brewing company, Carlsberg, to manufacture the exclusive Fallout 4 beer! According to Bethesda, “The beer is kind of a pilsner lager, with a refreshing zesty hoppy taste and a floral aroma”. You’ll find a few lines highlighting, “Inspired By Vault-Tec Industries”, along with a picture depicting a nuke-explosion in the main label of the product.

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The 12-pack Fallout 4 Beer will be available at your door-steps by 5th November, if you pre-order now only at Amazon for £29.99. So, you can probably gear up for a grand feast dedicated to the release of the game, all thanks to the special beer. Or who knows, if something goes wrong and you keep on losing while playing the game, a pinch of Fallout Beer will be enough to bring out your inner rage to help you become invincible! Do not get drunk though! However, the exclusive beer is only available for pre-order at UK.

Still it’s not an issue! You are an alcohol enthusiast right? Well, obviously you are! Or else, why the hell would you be reading this article? If you really are an alcohol freak and want to try this interesting beverage, then get your contact residing in UK send/deliver it to you. Fallout 4 will be out for Xbox One, PC and PS4 by 10th November. So, stay tuned to know more about Fallout 4 and yes, how the beer tastes!

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