EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.0: Here’s What You Need To Know

We’ve recently covered a quick review of EaseUS’s free data recovery software a few months back. However, there has been a couple of updates, and we thought of diving in deeper to know more about how a data recovery software works and if it’s worth the investment.

In this article, we will be specifically addressing the data recovery software free for Windows. Although, it is available for Mac as well – and it should work just the same.

Before getting into the details of the software, let us take a brief look at how a data recovery software works.

How Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Data On Your PC?

Not all data is recoverable. It actually depends on what caused the data loss in the first place. If it’s not a major hardware failure, or an interruption while transferring data – there’s still a chance to recover your data.

But, how does it really work?

When you actually delete a file or folder – it normally ends up in the recycle bin – which makes it easy to restore. However, when you wipe your recycle bin, it’s gone!

If you cannot access the file/folder anymore, how on earth can you recover it?

Now, things get more interesting. When you format or wipe your recycle bin, only the path to access your files is gone. The content still exists unless overwritten.

So, whenever you encounter a data loss, you need to immediately stop using the storage device (do not write new files to it) in order to prevent the existing information about your deleted files to be overwritten.

Can You Recover Deleted Data Without A Recovery Tool?

Well, the answer to this is – Yes, you can recover your data without using a recovery tool. But, you’ll end up worsening the damage and never get the files back.

So, it is always advisable to recover deleted files using a recovery tool like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Overview


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes loaded with a lot of important features, let us take a look at them:

  • Preview feature for audio and video files
  • Recover data up to 2GB for free
  • Accidentally Deleted Files Recovery
  • Formatted Recovery
  • Recycle Bin Empty Data Recovery
  • Lost Partition Recovery
  • Hard Drive Damage recovery
  • Virus Attack Recovery
  • OS Crash Recovery
  • RAW Partition Recovery

So, you will be able to tackle almost any kind of data loss with this recovery tool.

File Formats Supported For Recovery


System Requirements & File System Support


EaseUs Working & Recovery Efficiency


As we mentioned earlier in this post, if you are sure that you haven’t written any data after the data loss – there’s a very high possibility that you will be able to recover the files.

But, if you moved in new files to the affected storage drive, you may not be able to recover your data.

Considering that, EaseUS works very fast and does let you preview the files you want to recover. It offers two modes of scans, a quick scan mode, and a deep scan mode.

The quick scan mode lets you quickly check for the deleted files/folders. But, if you want an advanced recovery of every bit of data lost – you might want to use the deep scan mode.

Also, at the end of the scan, you will be able to preview the files. Here’s how it looks like:


In addition to how well it works, the user interface is decent and easy-to-use.

Something we mentioned in our quick review, does matter here as well:

As an added bonus, you can easily save your session after the scan – so that when you get back to recover the data, you can always continue from where you left off without re-scanning everything.

In case you are curious how it works, you can refer the official user guide.

Pricing Plans

We’ve talked about it earlier and we’ll mention it again – EaseUS is perfectly priced according to what it offers.

Of course, not everyone wants a paid recovery software tool (instead of the free version) – but in this case, the one-time purchase will save you a lot of data. Especially, if you have a system that stores sensitive data – you should have an external backup and tool like EaseUS to make sure the data remains intact.

In the free version, you can recover up to 2 GB of files and in the pro version, you get to recover an unlimited amount of data.

The pricing plans have also been revised, let us take a look at the comparison among the editions available to purchase:

easeus pricing

Wrapping Up

EaseUS is indeed a good recovery tool at an affordable price. While you can still recover your files (up to 2 GB) for free, the paid editions are priced well.

What do you think about the tool? Do you prefer a premium recovery tool like EaseUS?



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