Last updated on August 18th, 2017

We all waited for this day…this particular event called E3. This year many exciting details and announcements were made from companies like Ubisoft, EA and Microsoft. There are still many things to witness, mysteries and surprises to discover as the event lasts till 12th of June.

Ubisoft revealed everything that we wanted to know regarding the anticipated open-world Assassin’s Creed: Unity, the successor of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. The game has been slated to be released on 28th October,2014. First of all the decision to choose the French Revolution as the base of the story-line in AC Unity, sounds good. Ubisoft has chosen Paris as the main location of the game, as it was the center of this historical revolution, and hence has designed a version of the city that reflects the atmosphere and terror that was involved in this historical phenomenon. The streets filled with people revolting against the corrupted French empire, the aura generated from this movement and the rich landscape of the 18th century version of the city, reflects a perfect setting not only for the story but also for unique gameplay oppurtunites. First let’s know the setting of the plot from the trailer below:

Awesome isn’t it? Yes, it is. The setting of French Revolution looks inspiring. Here is another footage revealed by Ubisoft at E3. From this video you can learn the new and exciting gameplay features implemented in this anticipated sequel. The company has redefined the three traditional core aspects of any Assassin’s Creed game: Parkour, stealth and combat.

Now friends, who is Arno? Are you familiar with this name? If not then you should know that he is our new protagonist in the upcoming title. You can refer the trailer below in order to get an introduction of our upcoming hero. You can also discover an entirely new gadget in your sleeve: The Phantom Blade.

Yet another feature introduced by Ubisoft in AC Unity is the four player co-op mode. You can join them and play specific missions to witness an entirely thriiling experience. For this you are gonig to need perfect teamwork and co-ordination to fight your enemies.In the footage below you can lean the basics as well as features involved in the co-op mode.

Well the game looks very promising. What impresses me the most is the setting of the game. It looks unique and inspiring. I am sure that when you get your hands on the game, you will feel yourselves connected to the plot completely as you play as Arno, the new assassin. I have high expectations from this character.

If you are interested to dive deep into the new aspects of the gameplay, visit:

Till then let’s hope for more surprises from Ubisoft.


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